2550 Chemin Bates, Montréal, QC H3S 1A7


When you choose Helping Hands you are making the right choice. We treat our clients like family. We believe that the right caring is more than a job, it is a way of life. What makes Helping Hands unique and one of the best in the caregiver field is the extra attention we pay to all details and the fact that we are very affordable. One of our specialties is our contacts, especially where medical needs are present. Helping Hands can provide these services when they are needed, not later. We can provide Doctor’s referrals and obtain quick appointments.

  • Multilingual staff-English, French, Yidish, Hungarian, Italian.
  • Joyful companion care. Quality time spent with a senior providing supervision, socialization, and making sure that medications are taken properly.
  • Basic care services such as bathing, personal grooming, toileting and incontinence care, dressing or clothing selections.
  • Household assistance which includes cleaning, vacuuming, cooking, light housekeeping, plant care and laundry.
  • Transportation needs such as medical appointments and reminders, social activities, grocery shopping, dry cleaning, pharmacy, escorting to appointments or going to the shopping centre.
  • Conversation, taking care of mail, reading, assistance with hobbies and other interests.
  • Assistance with walking and exercise.
  • Proper feeding and help with a special diet. Monitoring diets. Checking food expiration.
  • Assist with pet care.
  • Attend plays or concerts. Escort to any Religious service.
  • Assistance with moving or relocation.
  • Keeping the fridge properly stocked.
  • Planning, preparing and the serving of meals immediate as well as future.
  • Service from 4-24 hours. Including all Holidays and weekends.
  • Phone check-ins and e-mail reporting to a designated family or relative member.
  • Respite care and relief for the Family.